How To Find Email Password on iPhone

    How To Find Email Password on iPhone

    If you’ve forgotten your email password, don’t worry – there are a few different ways you can find it on your iPhone. In this article, we’ll show you how to locate your password using the Settings app and the Keychain Access feature. Read on to learn more.

    How to Find your email Password using the Settings app

    One way to locate your email password is by going into the Settings app and selecting the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option. From there, you’ll need to select the account that you want to view the password for and click on the “Account Info” button.

    You should now be able to see the password for that account listed under the “Incoming Mail Server” section. If you can’t remember which account your password is stored under, you can try clicking on each one until you find the right one.

    How to Find Saved Passwords with Siri

    Siri can be a helpful assistant when it comes to finding passwords that are saved on your iPhone. To use Siri to find a password, you will need to activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button or by saying, “Hey Siri.” Once Siri is activated, you will need to say something like “Show me my email passwords” or “Where can I find my Wi-Fi passwords?” Siri will then bring up a list of all the passwords saved on your iPhone.

    These are just a few different ways to find your email password on your iPhone. If you can’t find it using any of these methods, you may need to contact your email provider for assistance.

    How to Recover Email Passwords on iPhone

    iPhone users can access where their passwords are stored and scan passwords on their iOS devices without any charges. Thus, you can easily go to your passwords and recover and extract the passwords that you need. You only need a complete IOS password unlocking toolkit to access your email passwords and recover them on your iPhone.

    AnyUnlock (iPhone Password Unlocker) is the most popular toolkit for finding iOS passwords. The toolkit enables you to access passwords stored on the iPhone, including Wi-Fi accounts, Gmail password, browsers, SNS, and much more. Fortunately, the AnyUnlock kit scans and lists out passwords without leaking information to anyone. AnyUnlock can also help unlock iCloud Activation Lock, iPhone screen password, SIM lock, and MDM lock. To recover your email passwords on AnyUnlock, follow the steps discussed below:

    • Find AnyUnlock on your computer and launch the toolkit. Then connect your iPhone and tap iOS Password Manager.
    • Now click Scan Now Button to allow AnyUnlock to scan your phone for all the listed passwords safely.
    •  Next, view the saved passwords on the iPhone. Besides, you can also recover your emails by clicking the Export button. In this case, you can also find your Gmail password on your iPhone if you have used it before.

    How to Edit Email Passwords on iPhone

    If you need to change your email password on your iPhone, you can do so by following the steps below:

    On 10 iOS and the latest versions

    1. Visit the Settings
    2. Now click on Accounts & Passwords
    3. Select your Email Account and then tap Account.
    4. Next, tap Password and then edit the old password

    On iOS 9 and previous versions

    1. Visit Settings
    2. Select Mail, Calendars, Contacts
    3. Choose your email account and tap Account
    4. Next, tap on the Password section
    5. Now, delete the old one and replace it with a new one.
    6. Finally, tap done to complete the process.

    How to Show Email Passwords on iPhone

    If you need to show your email password on iPhone, there are a few different ways you can do it. Here are the steps to follow:

    •  Go to Settings on your iPhone.
    • Next, scroll down and select Password & Accounts.
    • Now tap Website & App Passwords.
    • Next, authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID.
    • Next, you will find a list of accounts. Tap any of the accounts to access its username and password

    Where Do I Find Account Settings on My Email?

    This is a common question among iPhone users, especially those using iOS 11 and later versions. The process of setting up your email account has changed dramatically with the latest operating systems. Unlike the previous iOS that had the email account in the Calendar, Mail, or Contacts settings, the account is not in the Accounts & Passwords under the Settings app. In addition, you can use the following procedure to set up your account.

    Once you get into your email account, you may need to access the settings on your iPhone. The iPhone’s Settings screen allows you to edit, delete or add email accounts. Therefore, if you delete your account you can change its settings by visiting the Accounts screen. Apart from the Accounts screen approach, you can also delete your email account through the X icon.

    How to find email password on iPhone iOS 15

    If your device runs on iOS 15 or later operating systems, you can find the email password in the Settings app. To access the password, follow the steps below:

    • Go to the Settings app
    • Now scroll down to “Password $ Security.”
    • Next, tap “Email” and proceed to add your email address.
    • Now enter the password. Remember, you will need to add the second authentication code if you have enabled the two-factor authentication.

    Can I find my email password with Siri?

    Every Apple device comes with a virtual assistant feature (Siri) that allows you to find saved passwords and perform other functions. The virtual assistant feature enables you to give voice commands to your device, making it much easier to navigate a certain setting. Here you need to ask Siri, “Show me my email Password,” or just ask, “show me my passwords.”

    For later iOS versions, Siri will direct you to the account page under Settings, where you will find your login information for the email account you requested. For the earlier iOS versions, Siri takes you to the Passwords page under Settings. This part will show a list of all your saved accounts in your iCloud Keychain.

    In this case, you need to tap on your email account to find the password. Remember that you will have to identify yourself using Touch ID or Face ID or your password before using Siri or any method to find your passwords.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, we hope you have learned how to find email passwords on iPhone as there are many ways to access your login info. Apart from finding your email account password, the article also discusses how to add or delete email accounts.

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