How To Give Robux To friends on iPhone

    How To Give Robux To friends on iPhone

    Most users would like to understand how to give Robux to your friends on iPhone. It’s actually a lot easier than you think. All you need is their username and an internet connection. Here we discuss the entire process.

    In this article, we discuss how to give Robux to your friends on iPhone. Keep reading for more information.

    Giving Robux to other iPhone users is simple:

    • First, open the app and go to the “Settings” tab.
    • Then, scroll down to the “Friends” section and tap on the name of the friend you want to gift Robux.
    • Then click the item to open the picture and then select buy with R$
    • Next, tap on the “Send Robux” button. A pop-up window then appear for you to confirm the transaction.
    • Once you tap on “Confirm,” the Robux will be sent to your friend instantly.

    Before you give Robux to friends on the phone, you need to ensure that the user has donation items for sale first. For users to sell items in this game, they need to have a paid Builder’s Club account.

    3 Ways to Give Robux to your Friends on Roblox

    Giving Robux to friends is relatively easy, but it can’t be done directly through any method. However, there are various ways you can work around this challenge and manage to gift your friends. The most common approach is creating a donation T-shirt and then selling it for Robux. Here are 3 ways to give Robux on phone:

    Method 1: Create a Game Pass

    This method enables you to give Robux to a friend who does own a premium account that would allow them to be a member of the Builder’s Club. In this method, your friend can create a game for you to buy using Robux. Below is a procedure to follow:

    1. First, create a game pass using your friend’s/recipient’s account. However, if you already have one, you need to click on the gear icon that appears on the far right.
    2. From the list of available options, choose Create Game Pass.
    3. Then, use the Choose File Button to upload an image. In this case, you may upload an image from your iPhone’s system.
    4. On the Game Pass Name Field, type the preferred name of the Game Pass. Here you may decide to write the description, although this is optional.
    5. Next, click on ‘Preview’ and then ‘Verify Upload’ once you are satisfied with the result. Once verify the upload, you receive a Game Pass Successfully Created notification.
    6. Then, scroll down the page, click the Game Pass gear icon, and choose configure.
    7. Now click Sales under the Configure Game Pass. 
    8. Then turn on the ‘Item for Sale’ button and specify its price. Note that you will only receive 70 percent of the price. The rest will serve as a market tax for the platform
    9. Now click Save to put the Game Pass on sale
    10. Then send the item link to the recipient (your friend) and tell them to purchase the game pass to receive Robux. 

    Method 2: Give Robux through Donations

    Using donations is the most popular way of giving Robux to friends. In this case, the recipient donates any clothing item, like a T-shirt. The recipient will create a clothing item and set it for sale. Once the item is available for sale, you will buy it and give Robux in exchange.

    1. First, tell your friend to create a donation and place the clothing item for sale.
    2. Remember, your friend can only create a donation by first being a member of the Builder’s Club. Note only sellers are required to join the club. Buyers can purchase the items without being members.
    3. After creating a donation, your friend should specify the price of the clothing item and upload the item to the catalog. Then ask the recipient to note the name of the donation item and share it with you.
    4. Next, get into your Roblox account
    5. From the horizontal bar, select the Avatar Shop
    6. Type the exact donation name created by your friend
    7. Then click the item and then proceed to ‘Buy with RS’. Note 30 percent of the price will serve as the market tax for every donation item sold.
    8. Once you purchase the item, your friend will receive Robux in exchange

    Method 3: Create a Group (Mobile and PC)

    This method offers the only way to give Robux to your friends on your phone and PC. In this case, a user can transfer group funds to gift Robux to friends in the group. Here’s the procedure:

    1. Create a group by clicking on the menu icon and choosing ‘Groups’ from the list.
    2. Then select Create group and fill in the details
    3. To create the group, you will be required to pay 100 Robux before you proceed.
    4. Then invite your friends to join your group.
    5. Next, add funds to your group. In this case, you will need tocreate a Game Pass. To create a Game Pass, click on the horizontal bar at the top.
    6. Then, proceed to the ‘Create Group’ tab
    7. Now choose the group that wants to add fund from the menu on the left, then select Create New Experience.
    8. Now choose any game
    9. Next click on the gear icon once the game is created. Now choose Create Pass.
    10. Now fill in the necessary information and click preview.
    11. Next click Verify Upload button
    12. On the create Game Pass, scroll down and select Configure.
    13. Choose Sales and then click on the ‘Item for Sale
    14. Click the price fixed on the item and then ‘Save’. Once other people buy the item, you will receive Robux into your group funds. Group funds can now be transferred to group members.
    15. While on the newly created group, click the menu icon and choose Configure Group option.
    16. Then, proceed to Revenue>>Payouts>>One-time Payouts>>Add Payout Recipients.
    17. Enter the name of your friend on the username field, then enter the amount you would like to transfer and then Distribute. 

    Final Word

    Giving Robux to your friends on iPhone can be a simple process as you just need to buy a gift card to transfer the in-game currency. Nevertheless, you can still gift your friend Robux without purchasing a gift card if you have Robux in the account. This can be done using the method we have discussed above.

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